After the earthquake of the 6th of April 2009, the Province of Trento decided to give L’Aquila city a new music hall. The project by the architect Renzo Piano foresees an auditorium for 250 people and 40 musicians, a public space and a third block with the dressing rooms for the orchestra.

The structures reach the height of 18 m; they are realized in wood from the region of Trentino and are designed accordingly to cutting edge antiseismic criteria.

The new “Parco della Musica” Auditorium in L’Aquila, designed by arch. Renzo Piano – RPBW with Atelier Traldi, Favero e Milan Ingegneria, Gae Engineering, Muller BBM, ITEA, and developed by Collini Group with Ediltione, has been opened on October, 7th. The new auditorium is a gift from Autonomous Province of Trento to L’Aquila citizens, struck by the heart quake on April, 6th 2009.

The President of Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano attended the opening concert performed by Orchestra Mozart conducted by M° Claudio Abbado.

The project is based on 3 wooden cubes that face the Spanish Castle. The central body guests the Auditorium Hall, with a capacity of 238 people and around 40 musicians. The other 2 cubes guest general services for the public, the foyer with the bar, wardrobe, ticket counters and services for artists. A square connects the city and the Auditorium. Wood technology and anti seismic building technologies are an example of “well building”. (full article and many pictures at archilovers.com)