venezia_satellite1The whole world knows the situation of Venice, Italy: the city is slowly sinking. Is the fault of man or nature , or both is not yet given to understand in detail. It is for this reason that from time to time satellite analisys is necessary to verify how much the lagoon city is demeaning. And, when it’s possible, to check how much it is fault of nature and how much of man, so to take appropriate measures .

In a new study published by Nature, a team of researchers has used radar images collected from 4 different satellites, to which they have applied the analysis technique known as PSI (Persistent Scatterer Interferometry), thus obtaining data that allow a resolution than was previously impossible.

The satellites used are the ERS, Envisat, the Tit X and CosmoSkymed, a jewel built by the Italian ASI. With these satellites, it was possible to determine the lowering of Venice caused by nature and lowering caused by man. The results? Are clearly visible in the map below.

Venice is sinking an average of 1 millimeter per year, in some parts, however, human activity has worsened the situation to the point that some areas are lowered by about 5-10 millimeters per year (these are the areas in red), but there are also places where human interventions have reduced the margin collapse (in the map are shown in green). [Read this article in italian | Leggi in italiano]
by Luigi Bignami,


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